Vancouver History: This app acts as a free tourist guide


Some of the features included in the app are 360° images and tours, quests, augmented reality, and travel routes.

Locals who want an adventure in their own backyard now have an app that acts as a virtual tour guide.

Driftscape is a new free app for people who want to learn more about their city or places across Canada as well as some cities in the United States. The company’s core principle is “local discovery” and it uses local experts to bring places of interest to life.

Currently, over 60 organizations use the app to share their stories and points of interest, events and tours across Canada. Users can use the app to explore their surroundings for themselves from the perspective of local experts.

Some of the features included in the app are 360° images and tours, quests, augmented reality, travel routes, geolocation notifications, tours autoplay mode, offline mode and offers .

“Driftscape is an ad-free mobile app designed to help you discover Canada’s hidden gems in a way that makes tourism more exciting for all age groups,” said Dan Pronovost, COO and co-founder of Driftscape. . Vancouver is awesome.

“Check out one of our many self-guided tours in British Columbia, such as our Driftscape Gem tour of Queen Elizabeth Park or the Stanley Park Seawall. Start the audio for the tour and simply explore your own path with our autoplay features.

If you keep your location settings, when you first open the app, it will show you places of interest in local history nearby. For example, if you’re in the Fairview neighborhood of Vancouver when you open it, you’ll likely see a story titled “Murder in Shaughnessy Heights Mansion” which will lead you to a description of a gruesome murder from the “age of the jazz” in 1924, which “shook the Vancouver establishment to its foundations.

From here, you can give access to the app’s camera to activate the augmented reality feature and see where events happened in relation to you.

You can also use the app to get general information about the different points of interest in the city that you want to explore. For example, the image below shows a walking tour by Queen Elizabeth that describes various locations in the park.

Free visit on the Drifscape mobile application. Photo courtesy Driftscape

In total, Driftscape claims to have over 7,000 points of interest in its app, which include locations, events, tours, quests and more.


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