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A couple visited Mallorca, living in a van in the hugely popular Spanish tourist spot. The couple, Alex and Emma, ​​have created content for their travel YouTube channel Travel Beans where they have a community of over 165K.

They also post updates and travel information on their Instagram account @Travel_Beans.

Alex and Emma have been traveling full time since 2015.

The couple said: “In this van life video, we explore the island’s lesser-known spots.

“We’ve always thought of Mallorca as just seaside resorts, so we explore the Spanish island in search of a variety of landscapes.

“This video is a Mallorca travel guide to some of the best nature spots on the island. Our personal favorites were Sa Colabra and Boquer Valley.”

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“This is definitely the highlight of the trip for me so far,” Alex said.

“There is definitely something a bit depressing about walking through resorts which are very empty and run down.

“While this one is a perfect combination of nature and urbanization.

“It feels a lot more lived in compared to the others, which are clearly there for tourists.”

Last Alex said: “I have definitely changed my mind about Mallorca. It’s not just the seaside town full of drunk English people I thought.”

“I feel like Mallorca is one of the most underrated and overrated places for Brits.”

The village is known for its beauty and Richard Branson has a luxury home in the town.

It has hosted various big names in music such as Mick Jagger and Mike Oldfield.

The couple also traveled to Sa Calobra, a small village on the northwest coast of the island.

The village is accessed by a winding road with many 270° turns, a spiral bridge, making it an exciting journey for drivers and motorcyclists.

The couple commented on the incredible roads.

Emma said: “I’m amazed who would have passed through Mallorca, it’s like an ultimate destination for a road trip.”

They described the roads as “hairpin, shaped like eight bends”.

Emma said: “If you’re in Mallorca you have to do this ride, it’s a crime not to.”


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