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While several countries require residents and tourists to have the pass, the rules may differ from country to country. Health passports were first introduced in Israel, although many European countries followed its example.

Fully vaccinated people are eligible for the pass as well as those who have proof of a recent recovery from Covid.

People with negative PCR or antigenic texts in the past 72 hours are also eligible for a health passport.

The Covid-19 pass has been described as a “success” by the government despite protests from some French people.

Children over 12 will also need a health passport to enter indoor locations and unvaccinated UK tourists must pass a test every 72 hours to enter indoors if visiting France.



The Greek Covid pass app was designed to protect customers from the virus and is required to enter bars and restaurants.

Fully vaccinated people, those who have recently recovered from Covid, or people with negative PCR or antigen tests may qualify for the pass.

The app can be downloaded for free online and helps demonstrate a person’s green safety status.


A Covid green pass is required for all indoor public places in Italy. This includes swimming pools, museums and theaters.

A person must have at least one dose of a Covid vaccine, have recently recovered, or have tested negative less than 48 hours previously.


The latest rules state that a person must have a negative test or proof of vaccination to enter tourist accommodation, gyms and major events.

Restaurants require proof of vaccination or a negative test on Friday evening after 7 p.m. Children under 12 are exempt.


Spain has yet to introduce a Universal Green Pass, but individual sites and regions may have their own rules.

The Canary Islands require people who live there to prove that they are vaccinated, have recovered or have tested negative to enter covered wards.

Curfews and rules on face masks are in place in some areas of Spain, and tourists are advised to check their destination’s regulations.

Other European countries with some form of health passport are Austria, Belgium, Cyprus, Germany, Hungary, Latvia, Luxembourg, the Netherlands, Ireland and Slovenia.

UK tourists are advised to check the restrictions on the UK government website before traveling.

Some tourists in the Netherlands have recently been ‘stranded outside’ because they did not realize that they would need a health passport to get inside.


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