Restaurant Sobrino De Botín in Madrid, Spain: review and photos


There are other restaurants in the immediate vicinity that attempt to replicate what Botín does – especially roast lamb and pork – but accept no substitutes in this case.

It currently costs $ 29 to try Botín’s famous roast suckling pig and roast lamb.

Courtesy of Ivana Larrosa

In 1935, part of the roast suckling pig cost Botín only five cents. Today, diners will have to pay $ 29 for this delicious treat.

Before bringing it to our table, the waiter poured the pork and lamb gravy over the meat. I couldn’t wait to dig. The roast suckling pig meat was tender enough that you didn’t really need a knife to tear it up. The exterior was highlighted by a crispy skin, giving way to a light and juicier than normal meat.

The lamb’s belly was soft, fat and ultra-juicy, with a slightly gamey taste that overwhelmed the palate. The meat seemed to melt when it touched the tongue. It’s all you want in a roast lamb.

Roasted potatoes accompanied the meat, but when the star of the show is this good, the potatoes seemed like an afterthought, with mere extras in the background pretending to speak while the pork stars and the pork star. leading lamb stole the scene.

Having said that, when I started to taste the potatoes, they were good. And like the extras, they had a function and absorbed the juices from the meat, making the potatoes even better.


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