Hawaii covid travel restrictions | Hawaii covid reminder: Travelers to Hawaii may need a reminder in the near future


With Omicron still booming in most parts of the world, there is talk of a booster shot. Now Hawaii has implemented a reminder rule for travelers. The US state will soon require visitors to get a COVID shot.

According to Hawaii Governor David Ige, authorities are now seeking to change the definition of fully vaccinated by increasing the requirements to three shots. All travelers who have not taken reminders will be required to quarantine for five days upon arrival. This will be at their expense.

Hawaii currently only allows US citizens to visit the state, with the exception of a few international destinations. Travelers can upload their vaccination records to an online portal before their flight.

Governor Ige said in a statement, “We know the community needs time to respond to this, so we should allow at least two weeks for those who may not be up to date to have an opportunity to go. get vaccinated if they need to.”

Hawaii is one of the most beautiful states in America and a destination known for its islands. Travelers come to Hawaii to experience the island lifestyle and experience unique adventures. It was clarified that any changes in travel rules and any news regarding booster injections will be made public well in advance.

It is becoming increasingly clear that the need for a third COVID 19 booster may be made mandatory in the near future for many more destinations around the world.


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