Disney Dreamlight Valley: How To Farm Clay | Materials Guide


Use this cheat to collect clay faster than ever.

Clay is one of those materials you’ll need to farm specifically at certain points in the story – Goofy will require a load of clay to craft his boat, but Minnie Mouse really takes the cake. She will require over 200 clays in her quest! Later you will need a lot of clay to make brick walls and other crafting recipes. Clay is one of those materials whose culture is not entirely clear. You cannot run from area to area while digging randomly. Well, you could, but that wouldn’t be very effective. Below we will explain the easiest way to get the most clay per dig. If you are familiar with Disney Valley of Dreams, you will be familiar with some of these tricks. Location is what matters most here.

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How to cultivate clay | Tips for faster farming

To find Clay, you must to dig. By shovel muddy areas on the map, you have a chance to find Clay. Clay can be found in many areas, including the Plateaubut the best place to grow clay is the Confidence Glade.

  • To dig the banks of the river in the Confidence Glade to find Clay.
  • bring a Level 10 Excavator companion – or just a regular companion with this skill to upgrade them.
  • The higher the level of the companion, the more likely you are to get an extra Clay.

It’s still not ideal for a reason: after digging up places, you have to dig again to fill them. You can’t dig anymore until you fill in the holes. Holes can take 2-3 days in real time before they fill automatically. Accelerate clay culture, you have to dig holes and then quickly fill them. The Dream Light community has found a way to clear your muddy terrains in a fraction of the time.

  • How to fill holes faster: In the overworld, open the furniture placement menu and choose a large piece of furniture that covers many spaces – a bed, a rug or even a house will work.
    • Place the furniture over the holes to remove them. Keep placing until the holes are all filled.
    • Be sure to save changes instead of exiting. If you don’t, the holes will fill up.

To farm for Clay, you must Dig holes, fill in the holesthen dig them again. Find a large patch of muddy dirt and dig the whole area. The Confidence Glade banks are the best places for constant clay drips. Dig out each spot, then fill in the holes with the furniture placement trick. Repeat as needed to grind the clay.

Unlike iron ingots or gems, you can immediately start digging – you don’t have to wait for nodes to fill or branches to fall from trees. This makes clay farming one of the fastest materials to grind, but it’s still a total pain when you force collecting a lot of materials for certain quests.


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